Baxter is a Ganaraskan - A what, you say? A Ganaraskan is a combination of four different breeds - Miniature Schnauzer,English Cocker,Bichon Frise and a Poodle. The breed originated along the Ganaraska River, near Port Hope and Welcome, Ontario, about an hour east of Toronto. Baxter looks like a blond Schnauzer and he acts like an absolute dream dog! Gannys, as they are called, were originally bred to be therapy dogs and I can totally understand why - calm, loving and I would also say concerned - he paid attention to everything around him but in a very careful manner as if to sum it up and see just how it fit in to the scheme of things. For instance - me and my camera - he gave the nod after he sniffed us out and decided we were Ok to be around his guardian - that’s what I saw - believe it or not.

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